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About the game

We conceived this game during the Global Game Jam 2019. We kept working on it for a month on our free time before releasing it. 

In this game, the player embodies a young woman spending the night alone in her apartment. Suddenly, something tries to enter her home by making holes in the walls, which she has to patch until the police shows up...


WASD : move

Right click  : interact

Esc : Options


A propos du jeu

Ce jeu a été imaginé lors de la Global Game Jam 2019. Le travail dessus a continué durant un mois suite à la fin de la jam, sur notre temps libre.

Dans ce jeu, le joueur ou la joueuse incarne une jeune femme qui passe la nuit seule chez elle. Elle dort quand soudain, une chose inconnue tente de s'introduire chez elle en cassant les murs et laisse des trous qu'elle doit boucher jusqu'à l'arrivée de la police...


ZQSD : déplacements

Clic droit : interagir

Echap : Options

The Team :

(Programmer) Theo Vart : https://akamis.itch.io/

(Narrative Designer) Alexandre Brodu : https://wardcore.itch.io/

(Sound Designer) Alexandre Leboubehttps://zerost.itch.io/

(Game Designer) Theo Bacoux

(Translator) Samet Ahmet Şahin http://tinyurl.com/y3l9c24u

(3D Artist) Gaethan Bercet : https://www.artstation.com/gathanbercet

(3D Artist) Laura Molina : https://www.artstation.com/lauramolina83

(3D Artist) Yohan Lardy https://www.artstation.com/yohan_lardy

(3D Artist) Clemence Bertoye https://www.artstation.com/clemencebertoye

Install instructions


Extract the folder

Click on the exe Last_Night_at_Home.exe

Enjoy !

The game is playable with a mouse and a keyboard.


Extraire le fichier

Cliquez sur l'exécutable Last_Night_at_Home.exe

Amusez vous !

Le jeu est jouable  avec un clavier et une souris.


last-night-at-home-win.zip 148 MB
Version 2 Mar 14, 2019

Development log


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I didn't thought I would be scared in this game. But even if it was short, I got scared.

nice game !


Really creepy game! Make sure to download this! 

Thanks a lot ! :)


I thought this game was interesting, I wish it had a bit more substance to it, but overall I liked it.

   TL:DW: Not to be the bearer of bad news (You know I love it) but the game doesn't have much of an atmosphere and mostly just boils down to abusing obvious loop holes to compensate for a lack of proper sound cues. 

This was fun! Provides the right amount of tension! Has a bit of replay value as well! Here's my playthrough:


Thanks for the thrilling game! Beautiful visuals, horrifying concept, and brilliant execution. Nous aimons vos jeus, faites plus s'il vous plait!


Thank you very much for your feedback ! Your video is great :)


Thank you for saying that, it means a lot to us :)


I included your game in my montage. Thanks again for amazing work!

Your welcome ! :)


Hey guys, I played your game and I liked it, even made a little video about it :-)

(2 edits) (+1)

Thanks for the game! Tbh I did find the gameplay a bit repetitive but it was still fun so well done on the game jam! I played it for my  youtube channel 


im dead......




i cant wait to gte jumped by this game XD


Its a really Nice Horror Game i mean i enjoyed every single bit of it and you should too download the crap out of this 



Can you find the credit on bottom of the main menu !

Or just look at the part "The team" of this page :)


decent little game. It's the first one in my episode of my series "3 RANDOM GAMES"


Oooh, now this is a neat little concept. 

While it's a super simple setup, with the punishment for failing being a rather simple jumpscare, you do feel some tension build as more and more holes start appearing, and he really can surprise you at times if you aren't sure where to find the next hole. So kudos on that much. I'd say I'd like there to be some sort of visible timer, and some actual endings aside from simply text boxes. You don't really feel as if the loss cost you anything, nor do you feel any relief when you survive - and having SOME sense of when the police will arrive could potentially add more suspense. Not necessarily in the form of a clock or a countdown, but maybe some environmental changes as it gets closer.

I also experienced an odd bug that basically meant that if I played replay from within the game itself upon dying, it would perform EXTREMELY sluggishly, until I exited to the main menu and started over completely.
But all in all, I'd say this was quite solid.

Your game begins at 07:42.


Thanks a lot for you feedback, and your video was funny ! Thanks for playing the game :)

Man, those holes are hard to block!


yo this game actually scared the life out of me! Each noise is so scary, audio is unreal! Love the game mechanic too, so different and makes a horror game fun(slightly 😅) I enjoyed this lots! Gameplay is below if you want to check it out:



When the unexpected scares you. Very clean graphics and a nice feel to this game. Not to hard to play. It's the first one in the video.


Hi Guys i do make a Gameplay Video have a look. Deutsches Angezockt, schaut mal rein


Help me I think I peed. >> 


Really liked this game a lot. Not incredibly difficult but fun and the monster itself scared the crap out of me. Looking forward to your future games, hope you enjoy the video.


Sometimes it was really unexpectedly scary! Thank you for this game :)


This was a good scare and gets you to keep working, if I see this on Gamejolt I will support it there too.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


This was a great game, it did give me a few jumpscares and fairly had me running to try to keep those holes blocked before the police finally arrived.  I really enjoyed the challenge!


Hey Guys....I really enjoyed this game

I just started uploading videos and this is my first video

If u like this video pls subscribe...Heres the gameplay!!

I hope u Like it.......


A really fun and well made game! I had alot of fun!


Loved it!! First time I died that jumpsscare got me good!! Then I started messy around with the AI!! Great game!! Can't wait for more! 


What a very cool horror game!  I liked the objective and concept for this game! 


I really enjoyed this an it gave me a helluva jump scare! Well done and I really like the concept - it felt new :)


SKIP TO 14:53!!!


After playing this game, I got super paranoid, where I even live, haha, after I failed the first time it got even scarier, to know exactly who I am tryna prevent, from enter my house, I love this game and I have high hopes for it! I would like to see maybe more! unfortunately I didn't get to clear, even after keeping the lights on and blocking some of the holes! guess I just had to be faster! was an entertaining experience tho, so hope you like it :) 


Recently finished the game without meeting the monster. But there's no way i'm gonna purposely lose just to see IT...


Fun little game...

My channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

If you like what you see make sure to Subscribe!


SOO MANY HOLES! also bien joue good work gave one of my biggest jumpscares ever.

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